iPad2 launch

I pootled along to the iPad2 launch at the Apple store in Cabot Circus today. People had been queueing from the previous evening so I went along earlier than planned, arriving at about 11:40. Within a couple of minutes of setting out my ergolife chair one of the apple bods had turned up and taken my name and place in the queue (35) and which iPad I was after. Throughout the day various treats were brought round by both the apple bods and local businesses. This included coffee, cake, water, some iced lemon drink and ice-cream. I worked on a sock I was knitting and chatted a bit with some people nearby in the queue. The store was closed at 15:00 to prepare and reopened at 17:00. I was in and out by 17:30 with my e-mail set up, the product registered and a quick guide (oh yes, and a big smile). I now have everything synced and my wallpapera set , etc.

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