Considering all I’ve really done is potter about for a couple of hours, I feel like some progress has been made. I heard back from my old boss with positive news (which really is a weight off), yelled at British Gas for a bit (telling me in October that you can’t finish the work you started in July on a weekend would have been good – now you’ll have to wait for me to be available), cleaned my windscreen and mirrors and mostly packed the car.

I think I’ll just have a spot to eat and then hit the road. The BJC website says that the site doesn’t open until 16:00 (good job I checked, since I don’t recall it being mentioned anywhere else), so I can kill some time watching Top Gear and Ray Mears.

One thought on “Progress

  1. Greg Harewood

    Yay for the job news. That’s fab! Yay for your good taste in television too 🙂

    The Ray Mears thing makes me wonder how challenging a hiking trip you might be up for…

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