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Week 15, day 6 (T-29) – Springlike parkrun & core

Another Saturday and another parkrun. This one was wonderfully Springlike, beautifully sunny if a little chilly and I was grateful for my new lightweight Asics jacket. Another nice and easy one (is there any other kind these days?). Alas I couldn’t stay for cake to celebrate Cecilia’s 100th parkrun as I had some errands to run before my midday core class.

They hadn’t moved the bikes out of the room from spin class, but luckily it was only me for this virtual 30 minute core class (though the disco lights mean that there are always people looking in through the windows in the doors). Boom, another 30 minutes of core work done, all working towards being strong for London.

A big run tomorrow. 2 and three-quarter hours with 75 minutes at marathon pace.

Another gentle #parkrun #bigmarathonchallenge #vmlm #asics #ukrunchat

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Week 14, day 6 – regal running

It was dress up time for parkrun as Emma was running her 250th parkrun, the first female runner to achieve this milestone at Ashton Court. The theme for the day was Kings & Queens (or rather Queens and Kings) so it was on with the fancy dress and up the hill.

The plateau was a bit breezy to be wearing a robe, and it got tangled up in a couple of other people, but a quick rap with the sceptre got them out of the way and the inflatable crown stayed on nicely.

Back to the cafe for lots of cake (mostly chocolate) and some fruit courtesy of Alan who was running his 300th parkrun.

Emma's 250th parkrun

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Week 13, day 6 – post-parkrun pootle

I was run director at parkrun this morning, and only allowed an easy 20 minutes anyway (what with Bath Half tomorrow), so after a fair amount of general running around, including a trip to B&Q) is was out along the river for a nice easy run.

I almost got tripped up by a small black dog (that looked a lot like a teddy bear), but stayed on my feet and took in the views, thinking about not much at all.

Week 12, day 6 – parkrun & core

It was such a lovely day at parkrun this morning, but also so busy that I may have gone round a little bit too fast (weaving through people who would stop dead because there was a puddle). It may have been particularly busy because the Green Man Ultra had started from Ashton Court earlier that morning (resulting in an almost full car park, so I had to park properly). Not something I am tempted to do.

There was just enough time for a quick coat of paint around the fireplace and to watch a bit of the indoor athletics before heading off to the gym for 30 minutes of core work (still tough). Came home the long way via the bank and got some extra steps for the day ahead of copious eating at a friend’s games evening tonight.

Super sunny Ashton Court recovery #parkrun #bigmarathonchallenge #vmlm #ukrunchat

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Week 11, day 6 – core & parkrun

A busy Saturday where I had to dash off to Bath straight after parkrun for an event, so I had to squeeze in my 30 minutes of core work before I left for Ashton Court. This was accomplished courtesy of a Tae Bo DVD focusing on Abs & Glutes (and boy, did it).

It was another lovely pootle around parkrun, most of the way trying to keep Alison going slowly ahead of her race the day afterwards. It was great to be there as Charlotte broke the women’s course record too, she was storming it.

Spring has sprung and #parkrun has been done #bigmarathonchallenge #vmlm #ukrunchat #asics

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Week 10, day 6 – parkrun & core class

Another Saturday and another double header of a gentle recovery parkrun followed by a 30 minute core class. I had a lovely chat during my bimble round with Craig, and got to see Chrissie Wellington fly by in the other direction on the plateau (celebrating moving out of my age category), followed by Sarah Everitt. The weather has warmed up not quite to shorts temperatures, but definitely to capris. Given the forecast for the rest of the week I could well be in shorts by the end of it (which is nuts for February).

A pleasing repetitive time this week (will have to see how it compares to the official results).

Another gentle Ashton Court #parkrun #bigmarathonchallenge #vmlm #ukrunchat

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Week 9, day 6 – parkrun and core

We were greeted with a light dusting of snow at parkrun this morning, which lent a festive (if chilly) air to proceedings. Turned the heart rate zones off again and just bimbled along, stopping for a hug at one point. Nice and easy did it.

After a brief pit-stop at home where I fought to keep the cats away from my loom as I threaded up a new warp, it was off to the gym in the still just about falling snow for 30 minutes of work on my core. Still not getting easier, but at least I had the virtual class to myself (apart from a few curious onlookers at the window in the door).

Bring on the long run tomorrow (though possibly not in the shorts I was planning on wearing to test them out for London).

A snowy Ashton Court #parkrun #bigmarathonchallenge #vmlm #thisgirlcan #ukrunchat

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Week 8, day 6 – parkrun & core work

A little chillier than originally forecast this morning, and my hat was needed not for the rain that was falling as I got up but for the bright sunshine coming back down the hill.

I turned the heart rate alerts off, just running to feel rather than be buzzed at when I know it’s going to go over the desired zone going uphill. I went a little faster than intended, but mostly that was dodging people and puddles. I also allowed myself a bit of a blast over the last 50m just to prove that I could.

Home for some dry shoes and socks then back out for a 30 minute core class, which isn’t getting any easier, but hopefully it is doing me some good.

Week 6, day 6 – frozen parkrun

The car was registering -2ÂșC when I scraped the ice from the inside of the windscreen, but parkrun had been given the go ahead so I wasn’t going to miss out. I was well bundled up in my jacket, buff, hat and gloves and they stayed on all of the way around. It was maybe a little bit faster than it should have been, but any slower and I may have lost digits.

I will also be bundling myself up again to got to a core class later for some strength and conditioning work.

Week 5, day 6 – parkrun (aka cake) day

I’m still just about managing to keep parkrun in my training schedule, this week as a 30 minute recovery run (with a 30 minute core class later in the day). There was a fair old nip in the air this morning, so it was double Buff running ninja time (and I was tempted to keep my down gilet on too).

I averaged 148bpm for my heart rate, which is only just outside the zone I was aiming for (by 3bpm), and I consider this fair with the elevation involved at Ashton Court. I have extended my heart rate zone for my 2-hour long run tomorrow to include both zone 2 and 3 heart rate zones (easy and steady) so there shouldn’t be so much beeping from my watch. Only 2mins10s was higher than that today.

The run was then followed by the traditional cake as there were 3 people celebrating their 100th parkrun and at least one celebrating their 50th (and a 150th but you don’t get a t-shirt for that). I mostly stuck to flapjack as I was going on to a tough class (but there was a very good variety of flapjacks, and they’re practically a health food anyway). Much amusement was had watching Tom & Becci’s spaniel Jude forcing people to throw a pine cone for her to chase. I got trapped for about 10 minutes before running the other way when I threw it (she soon found another victim). I think she was there for a good 90 minutes.