I have been inspired over the last couple of years by fellow runners committing to run a minimum distance every day for 365 days. I wasn’t ready to try it myself in 2014 but have decided to give it a go in 2015.

The target I am setting myself is to run at least 5k every day for 365 consecutive days. I will still be racing over distances of 10k and 13.1 miles, so should exceed 2015km in 2015.

I have set up a facebook page here and will be hiving off the 2015k365 blog posts to their own section of my blog here so as not to overwhelm/bore those not interested (sorry if you subscribe to my rss feed, you’ll be getting everything).

This is mostly a personal challenge for me, but if anyone wants to donate money to charity as I work towards this target, my just giving page is here. All of the money goes to my chosen charity: Cancer Research.

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