5k Big Cheese

Jantastic really works, if I hadn’t set a target of 4 runs per week I would probably have only run 3 this week as I am away for the weekend. I’ll be missing the Ashton Court parkrun so decided to bring it forwards by 24 hours and trundled up and down the course on a freedom run. It’s a different experience to run on your own without other people to chase up or down the hill, and I wore my road shoes as I was going on to a Body Pump class immediately afterwards.

I picked one of the 5k race tracks from Zombies, Run! and after the trouble I had with the previous mission I was hoping it would be smooth sailing. Unfortunately my music appeared to cut out after about 12 minutes, though the mission audio kept going. When I got back home to analyse it I found that it wasn’t a secret track, so not sure if it is the app or my phone that is playing up. I’ll have to try deleting then reinstalling the app, but will give it one more go on Monday before doing so in case it wipes all of my data so far.

5k Big Cheese

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