A bit of a mixed bag

Christmas is always a bit of a funny one. This year it was a lot of driving: Reading -> Bristol -> Reading -> Southampton -> Brighton (via Cafe Nero in Chichester) -> Brighton.

I had an excellent, relaxing time leading up to the 25th, a bit of a weird Christmas Day (not helped by solicitors’ letters and family questions about the divorce), then packing today. Running around tomorrow picking up Euros and parking permits, along with last minute things for Germany, then more driving and frantically stuffing things into cars. It should be good.

I have finally cleared my knitting projects, but have three to take to Germany with me. I am assured there is wifi where I will be, so will probably update from there.

1 thought on “A bit of a mixed bag

  1. Jen

    That’s a lot of south coast shuffling! Chichester, eh? Exciting place for a coffee stop 😉

    Have a fab time in Germany! Safe flight, and all that.

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