A strange start to the week

A bit of an odd start to the week. I woke up at about twenty past five from a bit of a nightmare, with the sound of rain lashing against the back of the house (which took me a good few minutes to work out what it was since I sleep at the front of the house). I eventually got over that post-dream confusion where I thought there was someone in the house and decided my bladder took priority. The year is certainly rushing on as it was light enough not to have to switch any of the lights on, and the weather was certainly making a meal of things.

Speaking of weather, thoughts have turned to the BJC. These things aren’t the most predictable, but at the moment it looks like it’s going to be a cold and wet one (minus 5 at night, minus 5!), so jumpers and wellies at the ready (I think I shall have indoor shoes and outdoor shoes this year) and as many duvets as will fit in the car (mmm, a tent entirely filled with duvets – I’d never leave). But don’t let that put anyone off.

The first part of the divorce goes through today, the court pronouncing the decree nisi. No word on whether the settlement is going to be accepted and the cat and I appear to have the house to ourselves this week, which should be an opportunity to tidy up but is actually going to be an opportunity to go to bed even later than normal and not getting woken up early.

I did take the opportunity to laugh at lots of people with umbrella’s this morning. The storm has been on the news enough that people should know that there are due to be high winds. Umbrellas don’t function well in high winds. Personally, I took my snow jacket which fits to below waist level and a baseball cap. With the hood up over the basebal cap I keep the rain out of my face (and importantly off my glasses), and the top half of me is dry. Unless you’ve got a huge golf umbrella you’re not going to be able to keep your lower half dry anyway, so why bother battling a load of fabric and metal?

2 thoughts on “A strange start to the week

  1. Greg Harewood

    I particularly hate battling other people’s umbrellas. I’m a coat amd hat man myself.

    Watch that those duvets don’t touch the canvas, or you might find that spending all day in there becomes less attractive 🙂

  2. Charlie

    I don’t know of any weather forecasting services that are accurate over much more than a week away, so I wouldn’t worry about BJC.

    Mind you, won’t bother me, I’ll have a van with central heating 🙂

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