A222 – Exploring Philosophy – course result

I was just about to head off to bed when an email came through from the OU about a result being posted to the website. I wasn’t paying full attention so assumed it was my latest psychology assignment result (my tutor is remarkably quick at turning those around) and got a bit confused when there wasn’t a mark where I thought there should be one. I actually opened up the email rather than just read the title at this point and discovered that it was the result for my philosophy course that was in (pretty much just my exam grade as I already knew how I was doing on the TMAs and therefore what the maximum my overall course grade could be).

This time I navigated to the correct part of the website, held my breath a little and boom – 87% on my exam. People normally drop grades on the exam compared to the TMAs (usually around 10%) but I had done considerably better (hmm, wonder what that says about how my TMAs were marked?). The overall course result is the lower of your exam grade and your averaged/weighted TMA grade, so I got a pass 2 (aka a 2:1) due to my 72% grade for my TMAs.

They very handily gave a breakdown of what number and percentage of students fell into which gradings overall (A being 85-100%, B = 70-84%, C = 55-69%, D = 40-54%, E = 30-39%, F = 15-29% and G = 0-14%) and broken down for each question tackled. Looking at it overall I was one of only 21 students out of a total of 363 who showed up on exam day to get an A grade on the exam. For the questions I answered I was one of 6 to get an A on question 2, one of 11 to get an A on question 3, and one of 9 to get an A on question 6.

In conclusion, go me, I rock.

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