A222 – final tutorial (online)

The final tutorial of my philosophy course before the exam since I am missing the day school on Saturday and I was reminded that it may not be a bad thing that I will not be attending that session. Lots of sidetracking by other attendees, mass contagious confusion and a seemingly (permanently) stoned frequent flyer thinking that the tutorial was (and therefore making it) all about them.

A few things to tweak my essay with since I am submitting it almost a week early what with going away and not being able to guarantee internet connection come the submission deadline. Mostly explicitly relating my evidence back to the essay question (as if I was explaining distributive justice to a 2 year old) and signposting what I’m about to argue before doing so (ugh, makes for a horrible read but it’s what the tutor wants), I’m pretty comfortable with my overall argument so nothing to change there.

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