A222 – online tutorial 1

I missed the first in-person tutorial for my Exploring philosophy course (I was running around the Ashton Court estate dressed as Wonder Woman), so the online tutorial this evening was my first proper interaction with my tutor and fellow students.

The headset I had bought which was supposed to be compatible with my mac turned out not to be so that I could hear and not speak (until halfway through when it died completely and I had to switch it out for regular headphones). It turned out to be good for me that I could not be heard as I ended up headdesking a number of times, as well as exclaiming out loud. It provided me with insight into how some religious people might have interpreted this book on philosophy and religion. Had it been an in-person tutorial I may have had eye-strain from rolling my eyes so much and bite marks through my lips from not saying what I wanted to (social niceties and all that).

It helped to clarify which direction I will take in the essay, and confirmed my understanding of Hume’s arguments regarding miracles which make up what is being examined in this assignment.

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