A222 – TMA06 result and final exam

It was final exam day today for my philosophy course and 3 hours to write 3 essays. There were 6 topics in the course and each topic had two questions, you just had to pick 3 from these 12 and they had to be on 3 different topics. I hedged my bets slightly when revising and picked 4 topics to focus on (the self, religion, ethics and mind) hoping that I’d be able to find 3 questions amongst all of that to answer. I also checked out what had previously been asked in recent exams and particularly in the TMAs for the course (since they said that essay questions wouldn’t be repeated). When it came to paper turning over time I was pleased that abortion had come up in the ethics section and also chose to answer a question on science-fiction though experiments and personal identity, and the problem of evil. To be honest I could have probably answered the abortion and problem of evil questions before I took the course, but I had philosophers names to throw at it this time. So all in all I think the exam went as well as it could.

This was just as well as when I got home I found that my final assignment had been marked and I’d got my worst mark to date: 66. This is probably going to drag my overall grade down to a pass 3, so if I’d found out before the exam I may not have bothered showing up (the person due to sit behind me didn’t). It’s looking more and more likely that I’ll be transferring to a pure psychology degree and dropping this module entirely. Oh well, I was feeling pretty good until I saw that result, particularly when all the notes are about wanting more signposting in two out of a total of 7 paragraphs (having praised it in all of the others) and wanting an extra example (which I didn’t have the word count for). I have no idea how anyone gets any decent marks based on these criteria.

UPDATE: I just checked out whether any of my existing psychology credits could be transferred over to a pure psychology degree, resigned to having to study another 60 credits at level 60, but found that a total of zero of my credits are transferable, so it looks like my only real chance to continue with psychology is to start again from scratch or to stick out the philosophy course next year and just aim for not failing.

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