A222 – tutorial 1

This should have been my second in-person tutorial but I missed the first as I was running around Ashton Court dressed as Wonder Woman. I therefore missed the various introductions and had to pick up names on the fly.

There was lots of good information about the style of essay required for this course. It is one completely alien to me, after a year of being told not to use “I” now I have to, I should not quote from my sources but instead refer to them, and from writing a flowing story of an essay I now have to signpost everything, but if that’s the way it has to be written then that’s the way I will write it.

Some interesting discussion about ethics, with an obvious focus on the upcoming TMA and utilitarianism (interestingly, all of the women in the group would fire the gun in the Jim in the Jungle thought experiment) but touching a little on meta-ethics too. I still think you can define “yellow” via wavelengths of light and should be teaching that to children when you talk to them about the various colours.

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