A222 – week 13 – Kant: the good will

There was a warning at the start of this week’s chapter on Kant that it would be the hardest to digest and get a handle on. They were not wrong. It didn’t help that I was dealing with pulling out of a potential investment at the same time (I had got tired of waiting for documentation which arrived in a draft form a couple of hours after I had declared that I was pulling out). Even without that I think I would have struggled. There were lots of fine nuances between Kantian reasoning and prudential reasoning, between allowing and disallowing sneaky maxims. Not helped by Kant’s own writing style and the fact that he doesn’t seem to have presented a single theory, but lots of different thoughts. A philosopher I think I will have to read around a lot to obtain a semi-decent understanding of, and maybe just hope that he doesn’t come up in the exam.

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