A222 – week 19 – Scientific Knowledge: Kuhn

A nice surprise of a lot of actual science in this week’s study which brings me to the end of book 4 (out of 6), so a TMA to write next week and an online tutorial tomorrow.

Kuhn seems to have a good handle on how scientific knowledge jumps ahead and had a good old ding-dong with Popper but I think both of them have merits. Yes, within a paradigm often scientists are uncritical of some of the fundamentals of that paradigm but I consider that to be for practical reasons and that they are generally critical particularly of experimental results/observations (as Popper says). I’m also not entirely happy with Kuhn’s demarcation of what constitutes science being whether it is puzzle solving as I think that there are a lot of theoretical physicists and the like who aren’t trying to achieve a known solution but rather seeing where their theories take them.

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