A222 – week 21 – Descartes and dualism

Last week was amusing with a TMA scheduled to be written for this course on Karl Popper’s demarcation of science and non-science (I managed to squeeze in my faster-than-light neutrinos and a bit of homoeopathy bashing) as well as a TMA to be written for my psychology course. A good week for my trusty old macbook to up and die. I ordered myself a new one after the hard-drive refused to be recognised and it wouldn’t boot from my bootable external drive and bought myself a bluetooth keyboard so that I could write my essays on my ipad (but not submit them, I had to borrow a ‘proper’ computer for that). Thank goodness for dropbox where all of my essays are saved in case of just such an eventuality. I also have my pattern files stored there in case people have queries.

This week it was back to regular study and back to regular computing with my new macbook pro arriving after my morning run. Whilst I studied Descartes and his amusing ideas on dualism (I’ve read Bruce Hood’s Self Illusion book and understood a good 10% of it – Descartes is wrong), my new computer got backed up from its most recent time machine record (January 30th, must remember to back up more regularly), updated with new programs thanks to its improved processor capabilities, and then downloaded off the internet all (bar two) of the images that hadn’t been backed up. It then got backed up again, after a couple of tweaks to get everything looking and working like it did before (that ‘natural’ scroll is all wrong, and I’ll have the classic view for my email thank you very much).

So yes, dualism’s wrong, isn’t Descartes cute for thinking it was right. Bless.

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