A222 – week 25 – TMA05

The deadline for the submission of this assignment which was looking at whether being able to conceive of mind and body apart means that they can exist apart, has passed so I can blog about it. Well, I submitted an essay. It talked about Descartes’ argument for being able to have mind and body existing apart since he can conceive them apart. It included problems with Descartes’ reasoning, and some examples as to how they were wrong.

I have no idea if it is what my tutor wants.

Each essay has had completely different feedback, so I’ve been fire-fighting my way through, fixing one thing only to be told that something else is wrong. Ho hum. I’ll get a mark at least, and it should be a passing one, but with only one more assignment before the exam (which might not be marked and returned before the exam) I’m thinking again about switching to a full psychology degree instead of a combined philosophy and psychology degree.

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