A222 – week 27 – Consents and Consequences

I am taking the scheduled Easter break to get a week ahead in my studies so that I can complete and submit my final assignment for this course before leaving for Bungay juggling convention (it is due during it), leaving me that time for pure revision for the exam. So this week it was more looking at political obligations and how they are created. Oh, and surprise surprise, up pop Messrs Locke and Hume. They’ll be getting their own set of index cards to revise from, I think they’ve appeared in each of the six sections that this course is divided into.

A lot of posturing from Locke about how a government should be formed (with the consent from those being governed by it), with Hume shooting that down with the evidence of history. Some amusing asides as to what can be considered “consent”, and how the “what if everybody did it?” argument doesn’t really work in the real world.

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