A222 – week 28 – What is distributive justice?

So just what is distributive justice? The first two activities in the chapter of this week’s topic did not help as they referred you to audio which you didn’t have. After a lot of digging it turns out they they goofed in the editing process and cut out the section that the activities discuss, leaving just a transcript of what was said. Helpful.

After a few thought experiments about islands and pork pies it was finally time to look at John Rowl’s theory about distributive justice, which seems to have boiled down to equality for all unless everyone can get a bigger bit of cake by discriminating against someone else, but only up to the largest piece of cake that those discriminated against can get. If the amount of cake that those being discriminated against starts to get smaller, then it’s a no go.

There was also something about a desert base whereby no-one deserves anything as it isn’t desert (or possibly turtles) all the way down.

I think I’m going to have some weird dreams after this one. Or maybe some cheesecake.

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