A222 – week 9 – Acts of God?

The final chapter of book 2 (The Philosophy of Religion) was on Acts of God (miracles and personal religious experiences) and whether they could be used as evidence for God from philosophy’s viewpoint. It was back to out old friend David Hume who managed to define a miracle in such a way that it would be impossible for one to happen, then shoved a load of other conditions on top just to make sure. Got to admire someone who is that thorough, though the ‘ignorant and barbarous nations’ bit was overkill but a product of the time.

It would be interesting to see how believers found this book on the course. I think I can detect a very definite atheist voice throughout, but maybe that is my own bias colouring my perception.

All ready for the online tutorial on Wednesday and the TMA due next week (and it doesn’t seem that long ago since I got the last one back).

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