A333 – EMA

Farewell Key questions in philosophy. My EMA, worth 50% of my final course grade, is due on Tuesday and I submitted it today. I spent my holiday in Suffolk working 3-4 hours a day on it, then continued to polish and tinker with it once I returned. I decided that I was only going to start making it worse and not better by messing around with it further, so submitted it today.

Fingers crossed that I get a 70 or higher (which will give me a Pass 2/2:1 for the course) and not a 69 or lower (which will give me a Pass 3/2:2 for the course). I will find out on 17th July.

No rest for the wicked, however, I now need to catch up on the last two weeks’ worth of psychology course that I have neglected and do three weeks’ worth of work in 10 days in order to submit another assignment due on 9th June (and fit in 3 races, a day’s worth of work on my car and publishing two new knitting patterns in that time). After that I will be able to resume a social life and go out to the cinema, or to visit kittens.

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