A333 – module result

The module result for my level 3 philosophy course was supposed to be available on 17th July, which is the last day of my psychology residential school. An email appeared in my inbox from the OU this morning titled ‘128361280 Result Notification’, advising me that my result for the module was now available online. I knew that I had just over 75% for my continuing assessment, giving me a pass 2 (2:1) grade, but also that my final essay would be worth half of my mark and the overall module mark would be the lower of that continuing assessment mark and the final essay mark.

I logged in to the OU website, scrolled down to the philosophy module to find out my final essay mark…80. This gives me a good solid pass 2 for the module, keeping me on track for a pass 2 for the degree overall. I am now motivated to do well in the project I will be completing during residential school, in my final essay, and in my exam (if it had been a pass 3 then it would have been impossible to get a pass 2 for the degree and motivation would have drained away).

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