A333 – week 1 – preparatory week

Well, I’ve had a nice couple of weeks off after finishing my previous OU course (DSE212 – Exploring Psychology) and it’s back to the books again for the start of my first level 3 (third year of university) course A333 – Key questions in philosophy. This course covers 5 key questions in philosophy: Truth in Fiction, War, Reason in Action, The Value of Life, and Knowledge and Reason and is assessed through 5 tutor marked assignments (TMAs) and an extended end of module assessment (EMA), no exam this time (but 50% of your grade going on that final essay is a bit scary).

Week 1 was easing us into thinking about the philosophy of art as the first book is about Truth in Fiction, starting off by looking at how you define what art is. This was familiar from discussions and debates I’ve been involved in before as to whether juggling or knitting can be considered art. Nothing too deep or heavy and I even read some of the further reading (that which was available for free online).

Checking the online fora at the OU and the facebook group it looks like some people are already half way through the first book, but I’m going to stick with the study planner as much as possible as updates do happen as the course proceeds and I’d hate to get confused by something that is corrected in time for the allotted study time, or by being drawn into debates about ideas I haven’t been introduced to yet.

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