A333 – week 12 – Rationality and happiness

Last week was a review week after a TMA week and I am supposed to be on Christmas break for the next two weeks, but the next book arrived in the post and my next tutorial is only three weeks away, so I thought I may as well get ahead.

The new book is titled “Reason in action” and is looking at rationality and reasons for taking actions. This first week’s study was looking at whether happiness is a final value and brought in old friends Nozick with his experience machine thought experiment and of course David Hume and Jeremy Bentham (can’t have a discussion about hedonism without Bentham, or any philosophical discussion without Hume it appears). This time we got to pick holes in Nozick’s thought experiment when previously we hadn’t really been allowed to – so this is what level 3 feels like.

No sign of my TMA result yet. Technically it’s due back Xmas day. I’m not sure how it went so maybe it would be better if I didn’t get the result back until next year.

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