A333 – week 14 – weakness of will

I’m managing to continue to keep a couple of weeks ahead of the schedule, which means that this week I was looking at the third of four chapters on ‘Reason in Action’ and hopefully means I will understand a bit more of what is said at this weekend’s tutorial than if I had only read the first chapter per the schedule.

A return of Plato to the philosophical discussion and his mouthpiece Socrates. As usual I found the arguments unconvincing, though I am not sure whether that is because the format is unfamiliar or that I find the Socrates character incredibly arrogant in his assumptions. I much preferred Richard Holton’s idea about weakness of will being an unreasonable change of intention to it being consciously and deliberately acting in a way known to be against your best interests. It strikes me as a more realistic approach and more everyday usage of the term that the traditional philosophical view.

I did both independent studies, but found the first tougher to slog through, much preferring the second which drew on psychological research. The books have arrived for my psychology course, and the website opens tomorrow. Exciting (and busy) times!

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