A333 – week 17 – Is life sacred?

I am still two weeks ahead of the schedule, so I managed to submit TMA03 on Friday ahead of going full-time with my studies and was able to start book 4 of the philosophy course. This books is titled “The Value of Life” and week 1 was looking at whether life is sacred, and if so why.

I’m going to have to say that I agree with Peter Singer on this one, that people indulge in a form of species-ism when they state that (specifically human) life is sacred, since if you are looking at it from a capabilities viewpoint then there are plenty of humans that fail to meet the thresholds that can be set and plenty of non-humans that meet them. I think it is one of those tricky cases where your gut is telling you one thing (that you are special and unique), but you can’t back it up in a logically coherent manner. This is a good example of why instincts should not be a guide for philosophy without the application of reflection and thorough interrogation.

I start the cognitive psychology course tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “A333 – week 17 – Is life sacred?

  1. steve carroll


    I don’t know if I’ve ‘spoken’ to you on the official forum or FB A333 site, I’m a fellow student on the course.

    Often when I’m ‘googling’ around on an A333 topic I find my way to your site. So, because I always enjoy what I read when I come here, I thought it was about time to say thank you for writing it! I enjoy your writing style and you condense complex issues very well.

    It seems you will have your hands full with two courses soon, I wish you all the best in all your studies. I’m just a ‘hobby learner’, one course at a time and that is more than stretching enough!

    Look forward to catching up on your new course when I stumble around here next.

    Steve Carroll
    *A333 student.

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