A333 – week 2 – Two problems about narrative art

This week’s study had a bit more bite and content than last week, but it was still easing us into the two problems of narrative art: the problem/puzzle of fictional emotion and the problem/puzzle of painful art. Put into regular English – why do people get emotionally involved in fictional representations, and why do they seek out fictional representations that will generate negative reactions in themselves?

There was a side order of having to define what ‘fiction’ means (philosophy seems to be all about agreeing (or not) upon definitions), plus a restatement of the problem of fictional emotion as a paradox (and hence a diversion about paradoxes).

The week’s additional study was focused on what makes one piece of art ‘high’ compared to another (mostly looking at the difference between subjective and objective perspectives), with an interesting journal article seeking to define kitsch and why it is considered ‘bad’ art.

I am still staying out of the online fora as people are rushing weeks ahead, tripping themselves and others over. Plus I’d just get drawn into the craft vs. art debate, whether graffiti is art, and not have any time left to enjoy my craft/art.

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