A333 – week 20 – Does life have meaning?

I am still a couple of weeks ahead on my philosophy class (just as well or I wouldn’t have been able to participate much in Saturday’s tutorial), so this week was finishing off book number 4 by looking at whether life has meaning or not. This involved much discussion about what “meaning” and “life” meant as well as whether you were thinking objectively, subjectively, individually, or globally. Some navel gazing and sighing over nothing ever having meaning as isn’t the universe vast and we are just insubstantial specks of carbon. Ooh, I wonder if I could quote Tim Minchin in my essay? Probably not but I might be able to get Tolkien in there on elves (if Williams can right a paper using a fictional character as evidence for immortality being boring then I don’t see why I can’t use some too).

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