A333 – week 25 – The testimony debate & TMA04 result

It was back to the books again today, but with a really debilitating cold so it was just as well that the chapter was on the light-ish side and covered ground I was already familiar with. Can personal testimony be believed and considered knowledge? In most cases no, don’t be so silly, so that was simple. Some laughable opinions as to why it should be and why testifiers should be believed (‘because trusting them will make them want to tell the truth’, pull the other one, it’s election season). A lovely dose of cynicism to keep my spirits up.

I selected which of the two independent study options to study based on the only one I could actually find anywhere online, which handily agreed with my ‘don’t be daft’ cynical viewpoint.

I had received the result to TMA04 whilst I was away. It was a little nerve-wracking checking the website for the score after the previous low of 68. Thank goodness it was a new psychology high of 81, which puts me firmly back on the 2:1 path in this course, having to hand in a pretty awful TMA05 to bump me down, though the extended essay is still a bit of a lottery (and it counts for half of the course’s mark).

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