A333 – week 8 – Targeting civilians and the doctrine of double effect, and TMA01 result

An early start to the day and therefore an early start to the week’s study. Still with war, this week was looking at when it’s morally permissible to kill non-combatants and when it’s morally impermissible to kill combatants during war. Lots of amusing examples of naked soldiers in the bath being targeted by snipers, mostly I got to write the word ‘combatant’ a lot. This book seems a little different to the last as there seems to be more recounting of what other philosophers say and less thinking about things ourselves. Maybe it is the subject matter, or maybe it is just the author’s style, but things seem a little less complex than the previous topic of painful art.

I also got the result of my first essay back this week. It would seem that the strike my tutor was engaged in has ended as I got the comments and the mark back (a very healthy 78 which I was pleased with). In comparison to my previous philosophy tutor’s comments, these were perfection. instead of generalisations, there were specific comments about what was good, what could be altered (including how), and exactly what would have made the essay better and achieved a higher mark. All useful feedback that can be applied to the next essay without having to guess what the tutor is looking for. A good start, let’s hope I can maintain it.

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