All the fun of the fair

While I was slipping and sliding my way to work (of all the roads I take to work only 2 lanes on the M4 were gritted) my father was slipping and sliding down the ramp outside dialysis.

Cue an overnight stay in the hospital with the most unhelpful nurses in the world – no we can’t take a phone to him, no we can’t take him to the phone. Luckily I got the doctor who explained that he was going to get an X-ray to rule out a fracture in his shoulder and assuming that was OK he’d be released tomorrow. They weren’t happy releasing him today on account of his living at home, but a family friend will probably collect him tomorrow and I’ll be down Weds/Thurs.

He should have a corker of a black eye in time for Xmas photos.

1 thought on “All the fun of the fair

  1. Jen

    Oh no, your poor dad 🙁 I hope the x-ray shows up nothing more than bumps and bruises, and that he’s soon feeling less battered.

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