Another New Year’s blog post

So, the arbitrary date change has taken place and with it comes the traditional sport of navel gazing as people look back at the year that has passed and look forward to the one just starting.

A lot of this can be attributed to having three bank holidays all squished together giving people time out from their day-to-day grind (whatever it might be). Plus there’s nothing on the telly and regular recreational pursuits have been disrupted.

I’m personally not one for making New Year resolutions (there is always so much pressure associated with keeping them and there is a temptation to aim too high), but if they work for other people that’s great. I try to treat my life as a work in progress and that any time there is a change that can be made, make that change, and make it right then.

We only get the one life, it isn’t a dress rehearsal, you have to get on and live it (add your own platitude here). If something is within your power to do now, and the pros outweigh the cons, do it now, why not?

Case in point, I want a new kitchen. I’m not particularly a fan of the current one (in terms of style and usability, though there’s nothing particularly wrong about it) and I have the money to replace it. It’s something that has always been on the list of things to do to the house (bathroom, kitchen, garden, loft is pretty much the list bar some painting – bathroom done, garden on its way) so why not do it now? Yes, it will be a hassle while the work is being done and having to move everything out, store it, then move it all back in again is a pain, but (as one of my exercise class taglines goes) “pain is temporary”. It goes on to say “pride is forever”, which is probably a bit much for a kitchen, but from experience having nice things around you is nice. A lot of people do up their houses in order to sell them, then realise how much nicer it is all done up and wish they had done it sooner so that they could have benefited from it.

Wondering whether or not to put a new kitchen in is definitely a first world problem (I am also bored with washing up and want to put in a dishwasher to help with that), and pales beside lots of other “real” problems. Yet, when I am lying in my bed (and I’m not being kept awake by New Year revellers) my mind is going over details. What to put where, what finishes to have, if the tiles don’t extend under the current cabinets should I rip them all out, try and match, try and coordinate/contrast, can you put a hob over a corner unit with a carousel? Will I sleep better once those decisions have been made (I am going to try and find out about the hob issue this week), or will I just find something else to keep my mind racing?

Who knows, but I’m willing to give activity a try over inactivity. All things considered, I’m in a pretty good place (I’ve certainly been in worse), but if there’s improvement to be had I am up for that at any time.

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