Another weekend, another convention

This weekend was the Ballring convention in Birmingham, put on by the students at the university. A bit of a strange venue (a hall with entirely black walls and blinding sunlight), and full of people I didn’t recognise whilst missing many familiar faces. It was entertaining though, I helped out with a workshop and had a snakeboard around. Saw Ade’s new tooth (which is going to take some getting used to) and ended with a curry.

It was good to spend the time not thinking about my other worries and spending the time amongst friends. Photos up at’s_fotos/Ballring_2008/index.html.

A bit annoyed to come home and have to wait an hour and a half to get into my own bathroom, but at least I managed to catch up on some TV while I waited (though my download wasn’t what it was supposed to be, so time to start again). Tired now.

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