Ashton Court off-road 10km

A year after my first race and it was the Ashton Court off-road 10km again. I volunteered at the parkrun beforehand, so only had a little bit of time to kill (in the car where it was warm and dry) before the start of the 10km. I had taken the opportunity whilst marshalling to clear some of the wet conker husks from the tarmac at the turning point, and this year had proper trail shoes to tackle the hill in (and a Wonder Woman outfit). I still took a couple of walking breaks, but shorter than last year and I made it round 5 minutes faster than in 2012, with a bit of a monster sprint finish (for all of about 15m), and a little extra mileage whilst avoiding the worst of the mud.

This put me in position 151 out of 635 runners, 14th lady.

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