Ashton Court parkrun – 10th May 2014

A tactical parkrun today. The Bristol 10k is tomorrow so lots of people chose not to run to be fresh for the race. This meant that I could take it easy and still finish in a high position without having to push myself hard. I can then snaffle 100 volunteer points on a busier week when it would be harder to score as well. I’ll be parkrunning in Suffolk for the next two weeks so need all the points I can get.

It was also a good opportunity to see what conditions tomorrow would be like with high winds and rain. Not fun. I used other people to draft when I could, but think I’ll be revising my targets for what I want to achieve tomorrow downwards. It would probably have helped if I’d not had to run to make the start after some knob parked their car in the middle of my road which meant I had to very slowly reverse out and take an alternative route, then the lights by Temple Meads had decided to forget about the road I was on and never went green.

I was 65th out of 174 parkrunners, was 5th lady and 2nd in my age category. I am now third in the points table (won’t last long).

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