Ashton Court parkrun – 11th October 2014

It wasn’t until I saw a mass of cyclists at the Long Ashton park and ride that I remembered that it was Bike Fest this weekend, meaning the Ashton Court parkrun would be run over the B course. I should have volunteered when I had the chance. Still, at least it wasn’t raining, though the course was a little over-distance according to my Garmin. Twice up the first hill and down and back up the hills to the car park is brutal – a total elevation change of 123m instead of the usual 100m with bonus being blinded by the sun on the way back down. I confess to walking part of the hill on the second attempt, but I was happy to have made it back just 6 seconds slower than last week and in under 25 minutes (it would have been sub 24 minutes without the extra 100m). I even went back and ran the finish with a friend (who totally burned me off in the final 100m). It is the fastest I have run the B course by over 30 seconds.

I also made it into town afterwards to run some errands, and one of the assistants at the Post Office recognised the parkrun shirt and knew all about Ashton Court (and the B course). A couple of chrimble presents also managed to get purchased.

I finished 88th out of 283 parkrunners, was 9th lady and 2nd in my age category. I have the same number of points as Jane in 2nd, but am listed 3rd in the points table this week.

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