Ashton Court parkrun – 13th September 2014

Today was my last hard(ish) run before the half marathon next week, but I wasn’t pushing myself too hard ~85%. It was nice to get a time starting with a 24 considering that, though I was outside the top 100 for the first time in a while. A big turnout, even with the chill in the air reminding me that I’d better start bringing a hoodie and maybe gloves soon. I had a nice bit of a chat on the way down with a runner that I’m sure I recognise though they claimed it was the first time on the hill. Checking the results he wasn’t lying, but I must have seen him at another race somewhere.

I finished 105th out of 293 parkrunners, was 12th lady and 4th in my age category. I am holding steady at 4th in the points table with a maximum 100 points coming next week as I’m volunteering as photographer.

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