Ashton Court parkrun – 19th April 2014

It was back to Ashton Court this week after my trip to Barnsley parkrun the week before and back to a proper hill (none of this looping up and down the same one). It was the last points scoring opportunity of the year and there was no sign of Emma who had passed me into third during my absence. I wasn’t sure what the gap was between us though, so even as my calf screamed at me to stop I gathered the last of my reserves in the final 50m and powered my way past the woman in front of me to take that extra point. I stayed under 24 minutes (which was a surprise given the headwind along the plateau), and also picked up my 50 club t-shirt.

I finished 87th out of 323 parkrunners, was 11th lady and 4th in my age category. With the absence of Emma and Marie I also managed to squeak into 2nd place in the points table!

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