Ashton Court Parkrun – 1st June 2013, and runbristol training session

Lovely weather and a big turnout for the Ashton Court parkrun this week. With the Bristol 10k and being away for the rest of May it had been a while since I tackled the hill, so was happy with a time of 25:25. I even battled over a sprint finish but realised I wasn’t going to get it, so hats off to my opponent. I also found friends of a friend right behind me.

I was 118th out of 304, 26th lady and 5th in my age group.

Afterwards was the run Bristol organised training session for the half-marathon in September with Nick Anderson and Phoebe Thomas. Lot of helpful information about training plans, nutrition, stretches, how to tell if your shoes are knackered, posture, how to deal with stitches. Plus a bonus physio session where I got some good stretches for my shoulders (not strictly running related as they’re knackered by my knitting and juggling, but hey, free stretches). Also bonus jaffa and rice cakes. Looking at the schedule I worked out for the 10km I will keep Monday’s as an easy run, maybe adding in some hill work, and Wednesday as my long run. Saturday’s parkrun will do service as my threshold training and Amazon will have to do for interval work (though it won’t be running unless I can squeeze a session in before yoga on a Sunday). Feeling much more confident about getting round in 2 hours, particularly after my 14km run at Bungay – I felt another 6km could be maintained at that pace. I am also now all about rice cakes and snacking, plus finally going to get around to working out how to cook with bulgar wheat (though some of that was Scott Janek’s book and all of his recipes).

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