Ashton Court parkrun – 20th December 2014

The penultimate jaunt up and down the Ashton Court hill this year and it was nice and cold. I could have done with it being a little colder as I was dressed in a reindeer onesie, but there you go, the sleeves rolled up and the head could be pushed back (good thing as I couldn’t see where I was going when it was down). I didn’t push hard as I was effectively running in a fleece sleeping bag, and finished with a time just over 25 minutes.

I finished 98th out of 253 parkrunners, was 10th lady and 2nd in my age category. I am back up to 2nd in the points table after dropping down to 3rd last week as I didn’t run, but that is because Jane was running as Cruella Deville in a pack of dalmatians. Cake afterwards and meeting lots of other people’s dogs.

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