Ashton Court parkrun – 22nd March 2014

A windy parkrun this week with a headwind on the plateau to slow everyone down. Sub 5 minutes for the first km, which is up the first hill and I think it’s the hills that are the key to a fast time at Ashton Court. There’s two of them and I need to work on getting up the second one a bit quicker now that I’ve managed to trust my shoes and lean forwards on the way back down. My new year’s resolutions were to run sub 24 on a regular basis and get under 23 at least once, and get my club 50 shirt before my birthday. Well I’ve managed the first and the third (just waiting for delivery of the t-shirt), just that sub 23 minutes to go. Hmm.

My Garmin gave me almost exactly the same time as last week (a pb) with a slightly increased distance.

I finished 63rd out of 280 runners, was 10th lady and 4th in my age category.

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