Ashton Court parkrun – 28th June 2014

I was concerned that the tarmac would be wet at this morning’s parkrun but luckily it had dried out from the overnight rain and the weather window held, in fact I could have done with my sunglasses. I knew there would be a big turnout from the Southville running club as they were hosting their final race of their annual championship, so was prepared to be deafened and get passed by an SRC member in the final few hundred yards (but then I’m usually going backwards anyway).

I managed to start my vivofit but not my GPS on the start line, then stopped the GPS but not the vivofit at the finish line, so my stats are all over the place (and 80m wasn’t recorded) so I wasn’t sure what my time was and had to wait until the official results came through (23:49). My wrist is getting a little crowded.


A little faster than the last couple of weeks, which is positive, and I manage to sprint finish and take someone out just before the line to finish in what might be my highest position at Ashton Court. A lot of familiar (and fast) faces missing, but with Glastonbury on I know a lot of local people work the festival.

I finished 50th out of 209 parkrunners, was 4th lady and 2nd in my age category. I have now jumped up the points table into 5th due to absences (but am only one point ahead of 6th place who normally beats me).

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