Ashton Court parkrun – 5th July 2014

The weather window didn’t quite hold for this week’s parkrun and so instead of my awesome new running skirt I put on some capris and hoped my hamstring/glute/whatever-went-a-bit-weird-in-body-pump-last-week kept nice and warm and held together. Whatever it is that went a bit weird in body pump last week (a feeling of separation and a bit of a knot releasing) didn’t make itself known when running, so I am now not worried that it is a hamstring tear but it is something I need to keep an eye on and take it easy with.

I managed to go a little bit faster again after my recent slump in times, gradually ramping up my speed again and this week managed to press on and off both devices cluttering up my wrist at the right times.

I finished 66th out of 235 parkrunners, was 6th lady and 2nd in my age category. Notable absences and people who normally beat me pacing other runners means that I am now up to 4th in the points table.

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