Ashton Court parkrun – 7th December 2013

I’d only had a few hours sleep as I had discovered when going to bed that a website I gave a limited license to for images had slapped Pin It buttons on pages with them on, thereby violating the license and causing me a major headache. For some reason I seem to run faster on less sleep (which is good as I never sleep well before a race, I’m always worried I’ll not hear my alarm and miss the start).

I think that’s my highest finish for a while (it helped that a number of the people who are normally ahead of me were either absent or pacing other runners), but still 30 seconds of my pb. My aim for 2013 was to get under 25 minutes, and then to stay there consistently. My aim for 2014 is probably going to have to be to get under 24 minutes and stay there.

I finished 88th out of 237, was 7th lady and 3rd in my age group. I’m now 5th in the points table (but running at a different parkrun next week so will lose some hard won ground).

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