Ashton Court parkrun – 8th June 2013

This parkrun was doubling up as wk2d6 of my half marathon training. I almost didn’t go as I hadn’t go to sleep until late, woke up early and was feeling a bit woozy. After some squash and some cereal I was feeling more human though and made it to Ashton Court nice and early. Just as well as due to Bikefest we were running the alternate course. Instead of going up the nasty hill, turning and going up the second hill to the plateau and then back down again it was to be up the nasty hill, back down, back towards the carpark, loop round, back up the nasty hill, back down and finish. I used the advice from the previous week’s training session about leaning forwards downhill and managed to pass some people on the first loop, but the second loop was a killer. I still made it round marginally faster than last week though.

I finished 80th out of 253, was 16th lady and 6th in my age group (which I only get to stay in for one more year).

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