Ashton Court parkrun – 8th March 2014

Today was supposed to be a t-shirt run, banking my 49th parkrun towards my 50 t-shirt. Given that I ran a half marathon just under a week ago (with a pb), I’m not sure how it happened that I ran just under 24 minutes, which I think is the first time I’ve been under 24 minutes in 2014. It slightly blows my Jantastic time target out of the water though which I had at 24:20, but I may well go slower in the following weeks 🙂 Emma took 10m out of me from the turn up onto the plateau which was impressive, but I managed to stay ahead and took a point or two out of her in the points table (she’s 109 points ahead of me though, so I’d need her to miss a week that I attended in order to pass her).

I finished 91st out of 282, 11th lady and 4th in my age category.

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