Ashton Court parkrun and run bristol training session – 30th August 2014

Another Saturday morning, another charge up the Ashton Court hill. This week there were pacers as there was a run bristol training session afterwards looking at the upcoming half marathon. There was a 24 minute pacer and given that this is my usual pace I decided to stay near him. Well I lost him on the first hill and he was about 20 seconds ahead of my at 1.25km so I kept to running my own pace and crossed the line sub 24 minutes (he must have been closer to sub 23).

I finished 78th out of 273 parkrunners, was 8th lady and first in my age category. I am still holding steady at 4th in the points table by now only 1 point behind Emma Withers.

After a quick change of shirt it was time for some stretching and being talked at (but not before grabbing some free t-shirts, water bottles and my own weight in jaffa cakes and chocolate rice cakes). I managed to get a 10 minute consultation with a physio who confirmed that whatever-I-did-at-Body-Pump was probably a pulled hamstring but that it was healing nicely and gave me a couple of exercises to strengthen it. It shouldn’t be a problem for the half marathon unless I re-injure it, so that is a worry off.

The training session was great, as always, and I left feeling very positive about the half which I hadn’t been before with my interrupted training. Hopefully day school next week for my psychology exam (just before the half) will have a similar effect. Revision starts in earnest on Monday (after I get my final assignment polished and submitted tomorrow).

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