Awaiting confirmation of kill

My package which will be killing my sock wars victim once received has now reached the US and is with them for delivery. So. Close. Assuming they arrive tomorrow, I should expect her socks-in-progress to arrive whilst I am in Bungay (hopefully only losing a couple of day, but I fear that since she has been silent and her e-mail doesn’t work that she’s not started and I’ll be starting from scratch).

I found out from checking the warrior directory (where people post that they are dead) that my assassin is dead (it is unclear whether they were killed or committed sockicide). I know that their assassin is still alive (my new assassin) but that the person above that is dead. The two people up teh chain for me are on Ravelry, so I can check how they are doing, but hopefully this means my death is not imminent (since my new assassin was beginning to be killed by her assassin).

Makes sense?

1 thought on “Awaiting confirmation of kill

  1. fak

    Recovered following comment deletion:

    From Eyevea

    Your assassin is no longer dead. Not sure what happened there, but she is my current target. But, if the one you sent your socks to is Celeste in Oregon…they’re on their way back to you. See Ravelry thread “I can’t believe this happened”

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