Back in the thick of it

A Bungay review may get written. At some point. Possibly. But for the time being my head isn’t in a review-writing space, so people will just have to settle with the pictures whilst I blather on about other stuff.

I’m currently making the most of my time off from the world of employment by sitting in the garden gently roasting myself in the warm summer sun. Oh wait, the sun appears to be on holiday too, so I’m attempting to take control back of my life by taking control back of my house. This is taking the form of tidying up and chucking stuff out.

So far I have built and filled one bookcase (I need at least one more), spent £200 on my own wireless router/modem thingy, printer, VOIP phone & answering machine gizmo, and card reader, and generally scattered stuff around the house – it looks worse than before I started and efforts may be hampered by having to wait for the bins to be emptied before being filled up again.

I’m trying to be pretty harsh with the clearing out of stuff – loads of birthday cards and the like have already been consigned to the recycling. Not sure about what to do with things like the sample wedding photos and congratulations cards. I don’t want to throw them out then wish I hadn’t, but likewise aren’t planning on looking at them. For the time being I will keep them and can always dispose of them later if that seems the right thing to do.

Setting up my own network has also hit a stumbling block as you can’t have two routers on the same phone line and I don’t have the login details for the current router and therefore can’t find out all of the settings needed to switch to my shiny new modem/router thingy (the broadband is the one utility not in my name).

More bookcase building and rug buying tomorrow. I may even get some stuff tidied up/away and do some hoovering. Hmm, might have to go food shopping too.

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