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I finally finished my large project (late) last night, so wound some lovely kingfisher coloured sock yarn this morning for a travelling project. Still no sign of my knitzis (knitzii?), so I took the opportunity to try out my Knit Picks metal DPNs.

They are lovely. Compared to the bamboo and wood DPNs I’ve been using they are incredibly smooth. Completely even in width and with absolutely no flex (at the 2.75mm size). Already they feel like they’re making my knitting more even (not that it was ever uneven) and the glide makes a lot of things easier, such as knitting through the back loop on this sock cuff.

The colours were initially striping on the cuff, but have started to pool a little more, and even though I’ve only knit 1 cuff (and the colours were startlingly vivid in office light compared to the light available in the door of the train carriage) this may be my favourite pair of socks yet.

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