Bath Skyline series – race 1

I nearly didn’t make it to the start of the first in the Bath Skyline series races this morning due to Sunday drivers going 20mph in a 40mph zone, then 30mph in a 50mph zone, backing up at least 2 miles of traffic. My warm up was therefore sprinting to registration and then back to the start again.

We had been warned that the route would be a bit on the generous side and my GPS clocked it at 10.8km. My hopes of getting around in under an hour were dashed by the very congested start which continued for the first km. There was a faller in the first 50m and very few opportunities to pass slower runners. The narrow paths in the wooded areas also nixed overtaking, so there were a lot of times when I was just walking behind someone else. My competitive edge left me about half way through the second loop and I switched from race mode into recovery mode. I have another 10km next week after all and am only just back following injury.

I bumped into Emma at the finish line (who charged past me up the hills at the Ashton Court 10km), who confirmed she’d be at the rest of the Skyline races, so she can whoop me at those as well 🙂

I finished 31st out of 148 ladies (the results were split by gender), 22nd in my age grade and got this delightful medal:

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